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Three types of leaf are blended to form the filler, or tripa, source of the rich flavours and aromas that immediately distinguish a Habano from the rest.

Volado: Light-flavoured leaf, especially valued for its combustibility – also known as Fortaleza 1 (Strength 1).
Seco: Medium-flavoured, the most important leaf for aroma - Fortaleza 2 (Strength 2).
Ligero: Full-flavoured, slow-burning for a touch of strength – Fortaleza 3 (Strength 3).

Zigarrenaufbau Einlage.jpg

Source: 5THAVENUE Products Trading GmbH

The binder, or capote, is the special leaf that wraps around the leaves of the filler, defining the shape of the cigar and perfecting its smoking quality.

Zigarrenaufbau Umblatt.jpg

Source: 5THAVENUE Products Trading GmbH

The wrapper, or capa, is the exquisitely thin and supple leaf that forms the outer surface of the cigar. The wrapper contributes little to the flavour of a Habano (q.v. Strength of Havanas), but it stands as the ultimate symbol of the cigar’s perfection.

Zigarrenaufbau Deckblatt.jpg

Source: 5THAVENUE Products Trading GmbH

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